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Gift and jewelry packaging boxes looking majestic and super stylish to give a glimpse of the amazing pieces stored inside. It should be carefully chosen for containing small gifts, watches, broaches, etc. We are proud to present a diverse collection of jewelry and gift boxes. You can use it to pack and gift watches, as well, small to medium size precious items in stylish boxes. Our diverse boxes are made in different styles, colors, and shapes with various looks. So that, there is something particular for everyone. 

  • The heart shaped rigid box is strong and beautiful with a black inner case and a beige outer case. It measures 210 x 2100 x 40 mm, and made with grey board and ribbons.
  • Another attraction of ours is the Silver card rigid box. The flat and sleek box is perfect to keep neckpieces and it measures 240 x 80 x 500 mm. it is made of silver card, durable grey board, and paper, this looks stunningly classy and beautifully crafted.
  • For gifting a watch, we have a beautiful watch box made of grey board and paper. It contain flannelette pillow inside to hold the watch. It’s the most popular durable and gorgeous design to cushion a watch inside as a gift. It measures 160 x 160 x 100 mm.
 Our grey board puzzle box with 1000 pieces and all these boxes are fully customizable. You simply have to send us the design in your mind, to see it materialized.

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  • Over 10 Years Experience
  • Top R&D Team for cosmetics chocolate packaging
  • 400 professional employees
  • 35,000.00㎡workshop
  • 3000.0㎡dust free workshop
  • ICTI, FDA, ISO14001,BRC,Disney,Wallmart Certifiated
  • Cooperative brands like Li & Fung Group, Hasbro, Godiva
  • 100% inspection before delivery
  • Free design packaging solutions available
  • Over 500 Customers achieve cooperation


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